A Guide to Menstrual Cups


Menstrual cups are flexible containers which are designed inside the female reproductive organs during periods to collect menstrual blood. These cups usually collect the menstrual debris rather than absorbing, unlike the pads. These cups are made of rubber or silicone, and this information is crucial because some ladies are sensitive to rubber. The cups can be used throughout the entire period of menstrual flow. However, these containers can be exchanged during heavy flows to prevent any leakage. They are of less cost and less landfill. They have a less embarrassing odor. They don't affect the PH of the reproductive area giving bacteria a favorable environment. They are very easy to use and cannot allow sexual intercourse to take place.


Menstruation signs and symptoms are not appealing at all. They are completely unpleasant and annoying. Women have tried their best to attenuate the discomfort that comes with these symptoms. There are several better methods which have been developed to lower the pain which is brought about by menstruation. Menstrual pads have been used since long and have helped women in minimizing the much discomfort and denial they would face when this process comes unexpectedly while they are in public. These pads came up in the market to give a solution to this menace of self-denial. Check this website for more info!


Menstrual pads are similar to absorbents which contain few chemicals and are made of beautiful materials. These materials can be reused after many years of cleaning. This was a good invention. However, they had some disadvantages. They had several side effects to the users. These pads were washed with water and obviously could not be that sterile so that they can be used again and again. They needed to be washed with biodegradable soap. They were used together with other clothes as they are small accessories.


These menstrual pads are very uncomfortable, especially when used by these busy ladies. They are very painful as they tightly held against the body hence increasing friction. This poses a very hectic life to the person using them. It is tough to wash these pads clean. They can bring about health issues because it is not easy to dry and tide them. In some cases, they can cause infections to the female reproductive organs. Make sure they are sterile before you use them again. There is a very significant risk of reinfection if these pads are not sterilized well before one wears them again.


These cloth pads are costly as compared to conventional absorbents and the tampons. Menstruation is much more than a nuisance. There are several feminine products. Another product is panty-liners which are not scented. They are the thinnest ever. Other menstrual cups here include sanitary napkins which are bit convenient both in size as well as function.